A WMS you can grow with

Savant Software's Warehouse Management System allows you to get started with the features you need and add more as your business grows, without having to re-learn anything.
Our analysis suggested our efficiencies would increase by 50 percent. The results, however, were dramatically better: Our receiving process and pick-per-hour speed increased by almost 300 percent.



< 44 Hr Rapid Deployment

Savant WMS Lite is designed for businesses seeking a swift and efficient warehouse management solution. With our 44-hour rapid deployment, you can quickly benefit from:
  • A cloud-based WMS that ensures a speedy and seamless implementation.
  • A no-code configuration approach, eliminating complex setups.
  • Pre-built templates paired with scripted training for immediate onboarding.
  • An effortless adoption process, thanks to our no-code implementation.
  • The flexibility to upgrade: Transitioning to the Pro and Enterprise editions is smooth, using the same code base and database, ensuring that your system grows as your needs evolve.

WMS Starting at $62/User

Savant WMS Lite offers a robust solution that automates warehouse operations and enables information tracking. Its most notable aspects are:
  • Starting at $62 a named user.
  • Automates warehouse operations such as receiving, inventory control, put-away, replenishments, dynamic cycle counting, order fulfillment, and ship confirmation.
  • True license plating for optimized receiving process and efficient inventory management.
  • Precise tracking of code date, expiration date, lot, and serial numbers throughout the WMS process.
  • Ensures accurate and compliant fulfillment.
But Wait... There's More!

Shipping Manifest

The Shipping Manifest module streamlines shipping operations and seamlessly integrates with other warehouse operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient completion to the order fulfillment process.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Savant WMS, allowing for a unified solution.
  • Integrates with industry-standard shipping providers such as and
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface, ensuring users can efficiently navigate and perform shipping tasks.
  • Automates various shipping processes, reducing manual efforts and increasing operational efficiency
  • Helps minimize costs associated with shipping, such as labor and shipping materials.
  • And much more...

Social Proof

    Michael TobiG2S TOBEQ INC.
    December 22nd, 2021

    We had our first Savant implementation done in 2018. Their software combined with Acumatica enabled us to become disruptors in our marketplace through extreme operational efficiencies.

    Fast forward three years and a merger with our biggest competitor, we have implemented Savant and Acumatica a second time around. The head engineer, Diane Cawley, is brilliant at understanding your requirements and converting them into WMS code. They are a team of experienced professionals who get things done efficiently and understand warehouse distribution.

    We shipped 25% more orders today than our best day on the legacy system and it’s only day 3 of go-live. The sky is the limit with Savant and Acumatica. We have powerful and scalable systems we won't outgrow.

    April 1st, 2021
    We selected Savant WMS because we wanted to be in a position to respond not react as we grow our business. Presently we are only using a fraction of the systems total capabilities. This gives us great comfort, that for the foreseeable future, we have a system we won’t outgrow. We have been live since June 2020, Savant WMS has been very stable.
    Les Services SIPD Inc.
    Pierre DussaultLes Services SIPD Inc.
    February 23rd, 2022
    SIPD has been partnered with Savant WMS for more than two years. I have been continuously impressed with Savant’s commitment to both the customer and the Partner. When approaching complex WMS projects, Savant WMS will be my first choice.
    Les Services SIPD Inc.
    Alex KaySWK Technologies, Inc.
    February 25th, 2022
    Chris and the Savant team have been great to work with - the training has been excellent and the effort they have put into the program is really helping us set ourselves up to be a successful partner. We look forward to many successful implementations with the solution and the Savant team.
    Les Services SIPD Inc.
    Mike AugelloI-Tech Support, Inc.
    March 2nd, 2022
    It has been a pleasure working with Savant and their robust WMS solution. The team is extremely knowledgeable about warehouse management requirements and offers exceptional value by providing clients with process improvement suggestions and best practices.
    ValuTrack Corp.
    Kirk SteinhoffValuTrack Corp.
    April 20th, 2022
    The Savant team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry. The Savant WMS provides a scalable platform that can grow with our customers as well as offer flexibility to adapt to our customers unique process flows.
    Eckler's Automotive
    Robbie SmithEckler's Automotive
    May 4th, 2022
    During a difficult go-live it quickly became evident that Savant WMS and their team were here to support us well beyond just the WMS software and they continue to do so to this day. When they say they’ll help with People, Process, Hardware and even the ERP deployment, they are NOT mis-representing their knowledge and commitment to your success! We are fortunate to have chosen Savant WMS.
    Eckler's Automotive
    Bob HoganBarcode Shack LLC
    June 7th, 2022

    I've been implementing inventory tracking solutions for more than 30 years and am highly confident that I have found the most cost-effective industrial class WMS available today.

    Savant WMS is the most comprehensive warehouse management solution available in its class today. Savant WMS supports a wide array of inventory tracking and WMS functions, from the simplest to the most complex. Inventory, lot/serial, packing, box build, container/pallet, batch/cart/wave picking, 3PL, and ASN are some of Savant WMS's features. Organizations will increase operational efficiencies and accuracies when Savant WMS is implemented.

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